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Diocese of St Albans

Hi Everyone

As the end of another year approaches we eagerly await the final exam results for Rehema and Irene, two of our Casuarina girls  due to move to High School in the new year. They are hoping to go to boarding school as they have seen how independent Nicholas has become since going and want to spread their wings and fly! We will miss their smiling faces around the place but it will be exciting to catch up with their news when they return home in the holidays.

Poor Right is suffering at the moment from a leg injury he received earlier in the year playing football. Two boys collided with him and landed on his leg. He could hardly stand so we rushed him to the hospital where he was given an x ray, some pain killers, told he was OK and dismissed.

He's a quiet shy boy  and didn't make a fuss about the pain, but following his hospital visit Right's leg began to swell until it was almost double it's normal size .Having returned to the hospital and another unsatisfactory examination we decided to get another opinion from a Paediatrician who immediately identified a fractured leg. The bone had become infected due to lack of treatment, hence the swelling. I'm pleased to say he is on the mend finally.

It saddens me that the majority of people living in the community can't afford this care for their children. 

As I think about the poverty and unsanitary conditions people live amongst in the village, holes in the roof of mud huts with rain seeping in, needing repair but too much of a challenge financially, it breaks my heart as I ponder how these people struggle to survive let alone care for their children. Back in England shopping in the supermarket seeing the overfilled trolleys in preparation for a gluttonous Christmas, I feel ashamed.... My mind flickers back to Utange and the simple existence and how folks have such thankful hearts yet have so much less than we do.

I'm so grateful we have the feeding programme that offers support and some nurture to the most desperate children in Utange. It's a privilege being on the ground seeing first hand what a difference your donations and fund-raisers make to so many children's lives. Giving 500 orphans at least one guaranteed meal per day

Others that have appreciated seeing this for themselves are visitors from U K and America that joined our "Best of Both Worlds" trip last month. Their time in the village was spent painting the outside of Casuarina House, planting seeds in the garden and teaching at school. But the highlight for all was serving the 500 orphans on our feeding programme. They helped dish out the hot meal of maize and beans from the giant sofriars  then gave out the packets of maize flour in the Church.

The children are the poorest of the poor and the visitors just talking and chatting with them made them feel loved and valued. See the attached picture of Chary making one little girl feel special. It's very humbling being in the heart of this typical African village surrounded by 500 dirty hungry children with bare feet and ragged clothes....quite overwhelming.

See the precious one's that need supporting:

Due to the popularity of our trips we are planning two "Best of Both Worlds" in 2015, one in the July school holidays and the other November for 2 weeks. An opportunity to roll up your sleeves and volunteer with our projects for a week, then the second week go on safari ending up at a beach Hotel on the edge of the Indian Ocean for a few days. Please email me if interested and I will forward details.

My last piece of news that has delighted the children and staff in Utange is that Paul and I are engaged to be married! We tie the knot on 9th May. We are marrying at my Church in England. The Casuarina children are disappointed we're not marrying in Kenya so we have promised to do something special with them to celebrate when we go back....watch this space!

For now from the Utange Team and all the children at Casuarina House and on the FEED500 programme a big "Assanti sana".... Thank you so much for your interest and support!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year!       
God bless, Debbie Scott   Mobile: 07941 563443 Utange Orphans, Kenya  
www.thesurefoundation.org.uk  Reg Charity No 1061603


December 2014