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 Biggleswade Deanery

Diocese of St Albans

A partly rural deanery, with a tradition of joint worship and an active synod.

Diocese of St Albans

Hi Lynda,


Hope you're well and settled back into everyday life after our recent trip.

I know you saw first hand what we have spent the money on but I thought I would email some pictures to show your parishioners.

Thanks to everyone's generosity we have been able to buy paint and re do the whole of Casuarina House...we still have store rooms and floors to complete.

We bought a much needed washing machine. With 24 children and our old one broken since January this was a blessing to the staff! They were spending 2 days a week washing all the children's clothes by hand.

The funds also enabled us to have an extra table and benches made for the children to sit at for meals and homework. They have grown so much since we began and were quite squashed around just two tables and benches.

We also spent some of the money on our farming land. As you know 50% of our running costs goes in food for the children so we like to grow as much as we can.

There are pictures attached over 2 emails of maize, peas, passion fruit, papaya growing along with bushes that we have planted all around out 1 acre plot that will act as a prickly fence to help with security.

In addition we are growing tomatoes, open cabbages, pumpkin, greens, coconut, bananas, lemons, mango. Also we have bought water drums to catch the water when raining that flows off the roof that we use to water the land

Have a blessed Christmas

God bless,  Debbie Scott , Utange Orphans, Kenya
Reg Charity No 1061603

Biggleswade Deanery

Project 2012

"Casuarina House"

The Utange Project

in Kenya

December 2012