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Thank you to those who so kindly donated to Right's leg operation, it was a success! He was discharged from hospital a week ago and is currently hobbling around on crutches.He took great delight in showing us all the infected tissue and callouses that had been preserved in a jar....yuck! Some of his bone had to be scraped away as infection had set in so his operation was in the nick of time. His recovery period is expected to be 6 weeks. It means he won't be back at School this term but the Principal will allow him to sit his end of year exams supervised at Casuarina.

Last Saturday saw the graduation ceremony for the Year 8's. Mary, Abdul and Loice are our next three to be going off to High School in January. Loice was awarded an extra certificate for being number one in her year for Science. Paul and I were very proud of them all!

Apart from working hard at their studies the children have played hard too. They love singing, dancing and music and felt honoured when asked to perform in a Concert recently. They were given bright yellow t-shirts and sang their hearts out with Dennis accompanying them on the guitar. There was a famous Kenyan dance band also in the programme and when performing Mary was lucky enough to be picked out of the audience to join in with them. We thought her moves were better than the professionals but then we're biased!

As we reflect over the past year we are grateful for all the new opportunities the children have experienced. Much of which have helped develop their confidence. It hasn't all been plain sailing as some are going through adolescence and we're experiencing some stroppy teenage behaviour!

However we feel encouraged that we have created a loving caring, nurturing environment and their behaviour is normal to that of any child growing up in a family.....testing the boundaries!

Feeding is continuing to be a lifeline for many. Underwear was donated from our Church back home and we were able to give children on the programme a pair of knickers/pants each. Some visitors came one week with clothes so we've been able to help many with t shirts and shorts too. It's so sad to see these little ones come each week with only the clothes they have on their backs but at least they leave with full tummies. Now our Casuarina boys are older some of them help out serving at FEED500, Gereza especially seems to enjoy serving the children less fortunate than he is.

Paul and I have had a busy summer running training courses. Some specialist trainers in counselling came out to impart their skills to trainers from 28 different organisations that work with disadvantaged and disabled children in the community. They trained in trauma, loss, bereavement and child therapy. If anyone has some special skills they would be willing to come out and impart to help empower others here then we would love to hear from you.

Caroline Coster who fund-raises tirelessly for us is bringing her sewing skills over next summer to teach ladies in the village and help them start up a business. Please contact Caroline through link at bottom of newsletter if interested.

We are thinking ahead to our Charity Ball on Sat 16th April 2016 so please put the date in your diaries! If anyone has a special item they could donate for our mini auction e g champagne dinner for 2 at a Restaurant, Spa weekend, Holiday Home etc then please get in touch. We usually raise around £5,000 for the children so is an important event to support. (Contact for tickets in Feb newsletter)

If you're thinking about a holiday with a difference in 2016 then please consider joining our Best of Both Worlds trip next November. It incorporates a week in Utange volunteering with our projects followed by 3 days on safari and culminating at the beautiful Severin Sea Lodge 4* beach Hotel on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Cost is approx £1,500 per person. Contact me for itinerary and more details.

For students or young people wanting to visit next Summer from U K, Kheelie Dyson has made a group site on face book called "Africa 2016".

Also for trip from Germany visit: http://www.severin-travel.de/reiseangebote-archiv/entdecke-das-echte-kenia/

Lastly you may remember our further vision has always been to build a much needed High School for the community.

Four years ago we purchased an acre of land for this but with all monies sustaining Casuarina and Feed500, we haven't had the extra funds to begin building. However we received a donation last month that has enabled us to start and have now finished digging the foundations for the first 4 classrooms. We are thrilled to have finally embarked on this new project and now need a further £95,000 to complete the High School. Our vision is for 8 classrooms plus science labs to school around 200 children. Education is the stepping stone out of their poverty trap.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, words of encouragement, donations and regular gifts. It enables us to keep moving forward, helping to make a difference to many children's lives. We are so grateful to you and would like to wish you and your families a Joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!

For future fund-raising support / events visit: http://sewingforutange.blogspot.co.ke/

God bless, Debbie Scott-Robinson
Utange Orphans Project, Kenya
UK mob: 07941 563443
Kenya mob: 0738 269740

www.thesurefoundation.co.uk Reg Charity No 1061603