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 Biggleswade Deanery

Diocese of St Albans

A partly rural deanery, with a tradition of joint worship and an active synod.

Diocese of St Albans

"We are very grateful that the Deanery have chosen to support our children at Casuarina House as the Deanery project for this year.

The project was founded by myself in 2007 and with a small team we raised funds to build an orphanage for 24 AIDS orphans in the village of Utange, to give them some nurture by providing love, a home, food, clothes, medical care and an education. Hope for a better future. Please click on the link to view a short video of our story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-wp9V_MIDQ
With the drought in neighbouring Somalia food costs in Kenya have more than doubled so we are very keen to further develop our half acre of farming land in order to help towards self sufficiency. We would like to spend part of the money on crops and trees and grow fruit and vegetables to help feed the children. This would lessen our spending from the local market. We also need some tools and sprinklers to keep the land weeded and crops watered. We would also plant prickly bushes around the perimeter of Casuarina House to add extra security to the wire fencing. 

Inside our home it is very sparsely furnished with just the basics so would appreciate the extra money to equip our kitchen. A microwave would be very useful as would a blender to make juice for the children from fruit grown. Ceiling fans are also mush needed for the children's bedrooms as is very hot in the summer months. Some new seating would also be appreciated. With 24 children moving around, seating that was donated in 2009 is very worn out now!

Trusting this meets with your approval. Thank you again, the funds will make a huge difference to the children. "                                                                        

Debbie Scott, the founder of the Utange Project  - Aug 2012

Biggleswade Deanery

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"Casuarina House"

The Utange Project

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August 2012