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Diocese of St Albans

A partly rural deanery, with a tradition of joint worship and an active synod.

Diocese of St Albans



It is good to hear that you are recovering and starting to get back to work.


Guy, Phil, Barbara


We have just received details of the ‘tangable’ project that Hands at Work are planning to use the funds that were raised by the 2014 Deanery Project. They are proposing to build a kitchen and shelter for a care point in the community of Zwelisha which is over in an area they call Clau Clau. Several years ago Hands worked in the wider community known as Mandlesive but, the size of the Mandlesive community meant that some children were needing to walk vast distances to the Care Point. So Hands split this community into 2 Community Based Organisations (CBO’s) – Zwelisha and Mluti. As you’ll read about on the attachment, the CBO is in desperate need of a safe and useful kitchen structure, plus an area the kids can gather underneath. Biggleswade Deanery so kindly raised funding for a tangible project and Hands thought this would be just the thing!


When we visited South Africa last summer, the first community that we went into was Mluti and you may have also heard that St Andrew’s has now set up a partnership with a community called Siyathuthuka, another community that our young people visited, which is also in the Clau Clau region.


This sounds like an excellent use of the Deanery Project funds and so unless there are any objections we will confirm to Hands that we are very happy with their selected project.


It would be great if the enclosed could be circulated to the Deanery churches and as soon as we receive further reports we will of course pass them on.




Claire McDonnell

Chris Parker