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 Biggleswade Deanery

Diocese of St Albans

A partly rural deanery, with a tradition of joint worship and an active synod.

Diocese of St Albans

2014 Deanery Project

At the 2013 October Synod the charity / mission project chosen by members was

Hands at Work


This proposal was presented by ‘The Room’, which is the youth group at St Andrew’s, Biggleswade consisting of 6 teenagers currently aged 16. They said, 'The proposal is to support orphans in Africa through a trusted charity called ‘Hands at Work’. This proposal details how ‘The Room’ plan to raise funds for the charity and to travel to Africa in order to spend two to three weeks providing practical and "hands on" support.


Objective: Our objective is to assist the charity in its caring for the hundreds of thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children through local African churches. We will assist in providing access to basic healthcare, education and food to the orphans in those church communities. This opportunity not only celebrates the work of ‘Hands at Work’, but is also an opportunity for young people within this Deanery to make a personal connection to the charity, to grow in faith, to develop new skills and to start a journey on becoming ambassadors for the orphans of Africa.


Synod voted for this project - one of 6 which were presented - and the Deanery will support the young people of 'The Room' during the 2014 with collection held at various Deanery services and by prayer.


Synod looks forward to updates and progress reports in 2014 as 'The Room' prepares for their journey to Africa in 2015